Education & Training

Established General Services

  • Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health
  • Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV)

  • (in)visible – planning respectful relationships workshops and service provider training
  • Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health

Multicultural Services

  • Extra English classes (Free) Run out of many public libraries

  • ASRC Education employment

  • VET Education

Age specific

  • Rainbow Network (free) LGBTIQ youth inclusive practice training + consultation

Work & Employment

Established General Services

  • Working Out LGBTI specialist employment agency

Multicultural Services

  • ASRC Employment Program (Innovation Hub) Footscray

  • ASRC Dandenong

Age Specific

  • Whitelion (12 – 25) Wyndham-Frankston-East Melbourne

Legal & Finance

Established General Services

  • David Williams Fund – Positive Living Centre

  • HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HACC)

  • Victoria Legal Aid

  • Darebin Legal Service

Multicultural/Refugee+Asylum Seeker Services

  • Anti Slavery Australia – legal representation for victims of forced trafficking + marriage

  • Human Rights Law program ASRC – women and LGBTI clinic

  • Refugee Legal

  • Women’s Health West

For women in family violence situations, can provide financial assistance


Established General Services

  • Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre – clinic for trans + gender diverse clients, GP clinic, HIV testing, sexual health

  • North Richmond Community Health Centre

  • Northside Clinic

  • VAC – LGBTI Health – alcohol and drug counselling, family violence support

Mental Health

  • Neami Western – North and Innes North are established

  • Headspace – counselling in the West, eligible from 12 to 25 aged

  • Mind Equality Centre – Based North Fitzroy

  • Queer Space – in Drummond street, Carlton

  • Switchboard – phone counselling

  • Cohealth – counselling, refugee and asylum seeker health team, located in West and North West, eligible from 16 and above aged.

  • Neami Youth Residential Services, locations are Hawthorn, Noble Park, Seaford and Moorabin.

  • Tony Paynter – Facilitator, advocate, activist, ageing, LGBTIQ+, Mental Health, in Melbourne

Email: TEL: 0427 985 189

  • ASRC – Health Program ( no medicare –GPs) (Medicare – Allied health, spec) (immunisation – all members), and counselling services


  • Q Life – AOD program Merri Health in Drummond Street

  • com – online and eligible from 15-25 aged.

  • VAC – Fearless group for any ages, therapeutic group to look at internalised homophobia

  • VAC – Calming and anxiety therapeutic group

  • General counselling VAC – Victorian AIDS council- pricing is sliding scale.

  • Equinox VAC Clinic – for trans, gender diverse clients – providing GP clinic, HIV testing and sexual health

  • (In)visible Drummond street services – Counsellor, included in programs, health and wellbeing focused protective factor

  • Prahran Mission – outminds and Rainbow connection mental health social, eligible for all ages and 18+ in 211 Chaple st, Prahran (all Melbourne Metro)

  • North Richmond Community Health Centre

  • Headspace (Youth)

  • LGBTI – starting fine conversation in partnership with Greek and Gay Support Network (target group Greek LGBTI team and families) based in Pronia Brunswick.


Multicultural/Refugee+Asylum Seekers Services

  • Clinical questions – Refugee Health Fellows

Royal Children’s Hospital (children’s clinic also in Craigieburn), Royal Melbourne Hospital, Monash Medical

  • Eastern Health cue cards

Housing Basic Needs

  • VAC – positive living centre and provide feedback for HIV people

  • Front yard – Youth Services, eligibly aged from 12 to 25, located in King St, Melbourne

  • Housing/homelessness –TGV & Launch Housing Project

  • Whitelion – housing support aged between 12 and 25

  • Helping hands mission – Food bank with easy access in Airport West.

  • BCV – Buddhist Council of Victoria

  • Footscray Community Bike Shop – free bikes for refugees and asylum seekers

  • ASRC Dadenong – emergency packs, food catering, food bank referral to ASRC Footscray.

  • LGBTI Homeless. Com

  • Unison Housing – Housing Support.

Social inclusion

Community Participation

  • Rainbow international students network

  • Centre for Culture Ethnicity & Health (CEH)

  • IPC Health – Community Participation important part of an organisation

  • Victoria Police GLLO LGBTI Liaison.

  • Living Positive Victoria

  • Muslims for progressive Values Australia (MPV) – stands for equal human rights for all and be affirming and supportive of progressive Muslims and allies.

  • BCV – Buddhist Council of Victoria

  • ARCV Dandenong

  • LGBTI – starting fine conversation in partnership with Greek and Gay Support Network (1 year project)
  • Out and About Project with Switchboard, an LGBTIQ community based elderly visiting service

  • Marhaba (LGBTIQ Muslims, founded by Imam Nur Warsame) – closed facebook group
  • GEIFN – Glen Eira Interfaith network – aka Global Engagement in Friendlier Neighbourhoods.

  • Cohealth – Footscray

  • Outminds – Prahran Mission LGBTIQ – Social

  • LGBTI member group ASRC
  • Muslims marriage equality (Facebook)- open for muslims and allies
  • (In)visible – Drummond St, community consultation around health and wellbeing.



  • Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH)

  • LGBTI Health Alliance

  • AGMC – Australian GLBTI Multicultural Council

  • GLHV


  • Democracy in colour

  • AAG

  • ASRC member network

  • Living positive Victoria & positive women



  • LGBTI- starting the conversation (target group: Greek, open age)
  • (in)visible and training development

  • Kaleidoscope


 Social support

  • Red Cross – community visiting scheme. Locations: Geelong, Surf Coast, Loddon Mallee, Grampians, Bellarine, Metropolitan Melbourne.

  • Queer Department – at Melbourne Uni or Monash for students

  • Out and About: Visitor by switchboard for over 60’s

  • TGD: TGV social media / website, phone support.
  • Greek ad Gay support network, online community/ facebook page and social events

  • Marhaba
  • The Institute of Many (TIM)

  • HIVsters

  • Planet Positive Events (LPV)

  • Faith Community Council of Victoria

  • GEIFN – Glen Eira interfaith network – aka Global Engagement in Friendlier Neighbourhoods

  • Victoria Arabic Social Services – Community Visiting Scheme, Northern Metro and over 60

  • YGender Support- TGD, from 18-25

  • ASRC Dandenong – Music group and women dance class

  • Drummond Street services – (In)visible project Youth Group Activities, from 12-25, practice and flexibility.

  • Alphabet Soup
  • Jewish Care – Community Visiting Scheme, South Metro and over 60

  • ASRC LGBTI members group

  • VAC – young and gay peer group for guys 26 and under

  • VAC – peer group, women aged 27 and over for some sex attracted men.

  • VAC – peer group, Gay Asian Proud

  • Minus 18- Support 14-25 LGBTIQ

  • Rainbow Network – find a group link- all of the youth 12-25 social support groups in Victoria.

  • Q Program – LGBTI Youth
  • Switchboard – Grampians, Barwon-South Western, Metro, Hume, aged over 60

  • Gay Asian Proud

  • Out and About – project with Switchboard, LGBTIQ elderly visiting service.

  • Bridgemeals – once a month support group/ meal for LGBTI refugees or newly arrived migrants.

  • Latin X
  • AGMC – Australian GLBTI Multicultural council

  • Wyndham Rainbow neighbours

  • Helem

  • Yellow kitties

  • Inclusion Melbourne (METRO) – Community visiting scheme, aged over 60

  • Greek and Gay.


Established Projects

  • End of life planning : TGV/COTA

  • Homelessness/ Housing Project: TGV & Launch Housing

  • LGBTI suicide prevention trial – PHN – North Western Melbourne

  • Intersect – Victorian Transcultural Mental Health. Project on improving cultural competency within community leaders & services providers on the experiences of CALD, interfaith LGBTI individuals.

  • LGBTI – starting fine conversation project in partnership with Greek and Gay Network (1 year project based at Pronia Victoria)
  • Drummond Street services: (in)visible + Queerspace & Queer Space Youth.

  • Project [EMBRACE] : a report mapping service needs of LGBTI Muslims for Progressive Values Australia

  • Sex positivity resilience and rainbow Youth (IPC Health): consultation with existing LGBTI Youth groups in the West to explore sexual Health and mental Health issues and ID strengths and then co-design of the workshop.

  • QTIoP Project with Switchboard: Building equity for Queer and trans Indigenous people or people of colour.
  • Online Magazine for Multicultural LGBTIQ issues: up to 30 years of age.

  • Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH)

  • GEIFN – Glen Eira interfaith network – aka Global Engagement in Friendlier Neighbourhoods

  • Positive speakers bureau (PSB) – speaker present lived perspectives of HIV to different audiences (Living positive Victoria)

  • Optimise: run by Monash Uni, NSW uni, Latrobe Uni and Ottawa Uni and facilitated by 2 nurses and 1 GP from Co-health and Monash Health) and provide training on refugees and asylum seekers to 36 GP clinics across NSW and VIC.

  • TGV – Justice Victoria Trans Prisoners.

  • TGV – Multifaith ceremony to mark Transgender day of Remembrance
  • HIV and Ageing – VIC Perri (LPV) + Gerry O’Brien (PLC)

  • (In)visible DSS: all regions
  • GLHV: – “nothing for them” and “ Something for them” reports