AGMC provides training for community organisations and for profit corporations to explore the intersections between race, culture, religion, and LGBTIQ identities. The training is intended to empower organisations and corporations to create an inclusive environment that is culturally safe and celebrate the diversity within the LGBTIQ communities.

The training will cover topics on:
1. Understanding sexual and gender diversity from a multicultural perspectives.
2. Exploring conscious and unconscious bias.
3. Understanding privilege.
4. Exploring intersectionality.
5. Creating a culturally safe environment and inclusive practice.

The training is delivered by an experienced and qualified group facilitator and workplace trainer. Fees are calculated based on organisation’s size and revenue.

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The training facilitated by Budi and the AGMC was relevant and organised in a way that promoted participants feeling comfortable to ask sensitive questions.

The AGMC started an important conversation for our organisation and assisted us to identify where we might improve our services, resources and narratives to make our spaces more respectful and inclusive. The training invited participants into reflective spaces to understand unconscious bias and assumptions and to begin thinking about intersectionality.

A big thank you for Budi and the AGMC for creating insight and building the capacity of our organisation to promote inclusion and safety.

Paul InghamSocial Worker